3. Select your voices

Language Gender Name Demos Select
English UK Male Simon
English UK Female Emmy
English UK Male Mark
English UK Female Natalee
English UK Male Mick
English US Female Tracy
English US Female Kerry
English US Female Rory
German Female Meike
German Male Chris
German Female Birte
German Male Niko
Greek Male Philip
Hungarian Female Anna
Hungarian Male Attila
Hungarian Female Anita
Chinese Cantonese Male Zhenyu
Chinese Cantonese Female Jielan
Arabic Male Sabir
Finnish Male Jukka
Finnish Male Timo
Finnish Female Sanna
Flemish Female Vera
Flemish Male Gert
Flemish Female Christa
Flemish Male Joffrey
Italian Male Carlino
Italian Female Barbara
Italian Female Silvy
Italian Male Andino
Japanese Male Oki
Japanese Female Miho
Japanese Female Michu
Norwegian Female Reidun
Norwegian Male Janek
Portuguese Brazil Female Nicaretta
Portuguese Brazil Female Sonia
Portuguese Brazil Female Perola
Portuguese Brazil Male Herma
Russian Female Natasha
Russian Female Masha
Russian Male Max
Russian Male Artsjom
Spanish Female Vittoria
Spanish Male Javiero
Spanish Female Mendi
Swedish Male Claes
Swedish Male Johan
Swedish Female Nina
Turkish Male Menur
Turkish Female Aysun
Dutch Female Jolande
Dutch Female Lien
Dutch Male Ad
Dutch Male Frans
Dutch Female Do
Dutch Female Margje
Dutch Female Lenneke
Dutch Female Kim
French Female Clairice
French Female Pascaline
French Male Micheau
French Female Virginia
Polish Male Marcin
Polish Male Jacek
Polish Female Agnie
Polish Female Anitta
Polish Male Luke
Czech Female Zuzka
Czech Female Peta
Danish Female Greta
Korean Male Tona
Korean Female Hwang
Portuguese Female Silvia
Portuguese Male Arcin
Chinese Mandarin Female Hua

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